"Under A Man Made Sun."

"Under A Man Made Sun" is a film by R.W. Perkins. It was screened at the International Literary Film Festival in NYC, November 2011. 

"Under A Man Made Sun" by R.W. Perkins

Under a man made sun
the past 
condescends to reach the stars,
and I watched
like I was buttering a biscuit.
Knowing we were born for this, 
the bigger better thing,
a generation that came fully loaded,
nothing due at signing,
complete with childhood memories
they sat on the hood of a Dodge.
From the days of dirt roads
and analog,
homemade christmas cards
and rabbit-ears
from scratching, popping vinyl boys and girls;
how did we become
a digital age?
In the beginning
there were Nicotine stained walls
and hillbilly playboys,
there were tin can pony tabs,
blue eye shadow.
Hot rods with bucket seats
they'd fill up with
the local beauty queen,
then take their smiles
screaming down main street
with a cigarette hung out to dry,
and  sing along
to a heartbeat,
and think, someone else finally gets it;
a better life
that was just bound to happen.
As I grew they told me I was part of
a something for nothing generation,
we had deep fat fried futures 
with a side of sugar drink. 
We would dream in pixels
and pan tones,
we'd wear our thoughts and opinions
on t-shirts and bumper-stickers.
We soaked our tongues
in sarcasm
and fantasized of barbecue chips
and vaulted ceilings,
somehow we became the present
and the future,
and a collective soul strived to slumber,
after all we were the generation
they built to dream,
and we watched the world shrink into a thump,
a slowed heartbeat,
until shut-eye.

Poem by R.W. Perkins

R.W. Perkins.

R W Perkins poet and filmmaker, Juteback Productions.
R.W. Perkins works in video production in Fort Collins, Colorado. Mostly he makes T.V. & Web commercials. He's also a poet. He started Juteback Productions to satisfy my creative endeavors and no has several video-poems and a documentary film in the works.

"Under A Man Made Sun" is the second video-poem of Perkins' "Vista Poems", four poems examining how the the past and future collide and how we deal with it. "Under A Man Made Sun" is a brief history of our digital past, honoring and criticizing our predecessors, while pointing out our own unwritten future is still very much up in the air.